LSD Molecule Necklace
LSD Molecule Necklace
LSD Molecule Necklace
LSD Molecule Necklace
LSD Molecule Necklace
LSD Molecule Necklace

LSD Molecule Necklace

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LSD Molecule Necklace

  • A grand, lavish and intricate-looking necklace with a well-detailed LSD Molecule design that will give you the head-turning appearance you want to achieve.
  • The LSD stands for a psychedelic drug known as the Lysergic acid Diethylamide, more commonly known as acid, which will certainly fit those who love using it.
  • This LSD Molecule accessory will bring you ecstasy at its finest as you bask in the outstanding benefits which this dazzling and elegant necklace can render you with.
  • This intricately-designed molecule necklace comes in a casual, yet lavish-looking design that allows it to play both the sophisticated hand and the simplistic hand.
  • Constructed with copper material that gives it the durability it needs to withstand countless days of wearing it.
  • Has a link type chain that further amplifies the beauty and elegance of the pendant, while making sure that it is highly secured around your neck.
  • Available in gold or even silver finish.
  • Has a pendant size of about 2.5x 1.5 centimeters and a chain length which is about 18 inches.

    Relish in a revolutionary, ecstatic feeling as you wear this LSD Molecule Necklace that will provide you with the effects of LSD, also known as acid, in a fashionable, inconspicuous and sophisticated way. More than just any regular necklace, the intricacy and delicately made design of this necklace makes it a highly raved product in countless parts of the globe and there’s no doubt  that it will allow you to earn the spotlight as you bask in the redefined perception and consciousness it will render you with. The best thing about this necklace? It’s certainly the fact that you can beautifully carry a psychedelic drug design around your neck whilst people clamor about the beautiful accessory which you possess.

    How others view you is extremely important in choosing what to wear, but most people often come to neglect that it is also essential to pick something that will leave you, the user, a euphoric ending you’ll be dying to have over and over again. If you’re an LSD-lover, this LSD Molecule Necklace will surely allow you to revel on something you love, while still keeping yourself at tip-top condition in terms of appearance. This will undeniably leave you contented and extremely happy, much like what LSD, known as acid, could give you once you engage on one.

    The intricately-made design of the molecule of LSD may not seem much for those who aren’t aware of it, but this design actually symbolizes a psychedelic drug that inflicts various kinds of side effects that may not exactly be great for its user. It heightens ones perception and consciousness, opening new doors of experiences, emotions, feelings and more, which will leave you pondering about various things in life. This kind of drug definitely isn’t something that you can freely bring to your workplace, but with the existence of this LSD Molecule Necklace you’ll certainly feel satisfied already, without the dreadful side effects the actual drug may give you.

    The well-detailed representation of the LSD Molecule contributes a lot to the sophisticated appearance of this necklace. It definitely carries with it, a vibe that screams perfection, which is surely something you’d love from a necklace that you’ll add to your arsenal of jewelries. On the other side of the coin, it is also an all-around beauty that will fit every fashion statements you have like a puzzle. You’ll be able to nonchalantly carry it to your workplace for an entire day, through a crowd people as you walk around the town, or even as you sit in candlelight dinner and you’re in front of your beloved. In short, it is outstanding enough to compliment every task, events and occasions you have on your list.

    The product flaunts a base material of copper. This commonly known metal may not seem like a surprise to you, but it’s exactly because of its reputation and popularity that you’ll be guaranteed and reassured that its durability is definitely one of the finest in the market today. This not only goes true to its pendant molecule design, but also for its chain bound in a link-type design that adds heap of elegance right in its mixture.

    You can also choose whether you’ll wear this LSD Molecule Necklace with a silver plating or a gold plating on top of its rugged copper base. The plating of this necklace is extremely important as it spells a lot about the air of elegance and sophistication which this accessory carries. Let yourself rejoice and bask in the glorious appeal, elegance and to die for appearance of this necklace, as you relish every moment you spend with this LSD Molecule that will certainly put a gleeful smile on your face all throughout the times you wear it.